Why buy from Computer Warriors?

Although we can get new devices, most of what we sell is in a like-new condition. This means that our expert teams of technicians have repurposed devices to run faster, smoother, and more reliably than even newer devices. 

When you buy a device from us, whether used, new, or refurbished, we provide the same warranty regardless of age. Get peace of mind on your replacement device with up to 1-year hardware warranty.

We only sell 100% functional devices that meet and/or exceed our warrior inspection. To ensure that refurbished phones function smoothly, they go through a thorough refurbishing process that includes several testing. Because we value our customers, we work hard to not sell defective or damaged devices.

If you want to buy a replacement device for a lower cost, refurbished devices are the best choice. Some Devices are more cost-effective than other brand-new equivalents. As a result, you may get your hands on your favorite devices for cheaper than buying new ones. 

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