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Want to buy a newer phone, tablet, computer, or game console? Do you have an old device to trade?

If you are looking to sell your old Tech and get a newer one? The Computer Warriors are your best bet. Our stores can buy your old tech. We also sell used, preowned, and refurbished Devices. If you want to trade in your old device for a newer one, that is possible too. All you have to do is simply bring your old device, have it appraised, and if you agree you can walk out with a newer one!

Our services are well-trusted in Eastern North Carolina. We encourage you to go read the testimonials people have left for us! The one thing we pride ourselves the most on is that we are the top-rated store for all your technology needs. A lot of our competitors make that same statement, but no one provides the same level of service as we do. Our customer service is the best in class! Be sure to check out our Other repair services as well!

Up to a 1-Year Warranty

Get the peace of mind you deserve when buying a newer device. All our devices get up to a 1-year warranty against any part defective issues.

Fully Tested

Each device that we sell goes through a rigrious testing process. This ensures that we are only selling the best devices to our customers.

Customer Experience

When customers walk into our store, we go out of our way to make sure they have an educational and valuable experiance. From repair to replacement devices, we got you covered!

What our customers say!